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HPF Hangover Prevention Formula 2-cap Trial Boxes

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Manufacturer: Nutrimark, LLC
This is the trial box of HPF Hangover Prevention Formula™ that contains two cello-pak capsules. It is the size that is also available in our (10) box display. (A shipping charge will be added.)
What is HPF Hangover Prevention Formula?

HPF™ is a dietary supplement that, when taken before drinking alcohol, provides protection from the "morning after" symptoms experienced after prolonged or excessive alcohol consumption. HPF contains Tex-OE™, a patented, all-natural extract formula derived from the fruit of the Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia ficus indica). Tex-OE™ has been clinically proven to lessen hangover symptoms by accelerating the body's natural response to physical stressors such as alcohol.  Because alcohol can deplete vitamins necessary for proper nerve, muscle and cardiovaxcular function, HPF™ contains supplemental B vitamins as well.

A Plant Endowed With Amazing Survivability

The Prickly Pear cactus bears amazing fruit

In their extensive scientific examination of the cactus, the researchers uncovered an incredible finding. The unique environmental defense mechanisms of the cactus centered on its ability to rapidly induce the synthesis of protective heat shock proteins (HSPs).* Discovered within the past 25 years, and common to all living organisms, HSPs protect organisms against physical stress.

How HPF Hangover Prevention Formula™ works

In the human body, HSPs play a natural protection and recovery role against physical stresses and the pain and fatigue they can bring. HSPs are the vital proteins that help protect cells and enable them to recover from physical stresses. Approximately 2 hours after exposure, HSPs are available to help the body respond to chemical (alcohol), physical (ionizing radiation, pH, osmolarity), biological (cytokines, infection) or mechanical (articular microtraumas) aggression toward the organism. Unfortunately during the 2-3 hours it takes for HSPs to elevate to a therapeutic level, the stress is wreaking havoc on the body's cellular structures.

Knowing this, the scientific team believed that the key to preventing pain and fatigue caused by physical stress was to find a way to increase the body's natural HSP levels faster, with no physical side effects. They felt that it was not beyond the realm of reason that an extract of a plant, that possessed an amazing level of survivability, could possibly enhance the ability of the human body to accelerate its HSP synthesis. In this manner, such an extract could protect human beings against many types of physical aggressions-including alcohol. To prove this hypothesis, the team of researchers developed the extract formula, trademarked as Tex-OE™-- the key ingredient in HPF Hangover Prevention Formula™. Numerous clinical tests have confirmed that that the scientists' theory was correct! The extract formula they developed has been proven to protect the human body against various types of aggressions by greatly enhancing the ability of the body to accelerate its synthesis of HSPs.

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