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About Nutrimark™LLC

The company  was formed to fill the void that exists among multi-vitamin and mineral supplements on the market. After evaluating some of the so-called "complete" nutritional supplements, we were somewhat surprised and dismayed. It is not what we found included in the products that was surprising but rather what was missing. It was this disparity that motivated us to create what we believe to be the highest quality, most comprehensive, nutritionally sound line of products available anywhere.

Our first project was to create a product that would include all the valuable nutrients that other manufactures left out due to their cost. Our Perfect Equation
Formula is that product!

Then we added HPF Hangover Prevention Formula
,"HPF™" provides protection from the "morning after symptoms experienced after prolonged or excessive alcohol consumption. HPF contains Tex-OE®, a patented all-natural extract formula derived from the fruit of the Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia ficus opuntia) and B vitamins. Tex-OE® provides hangover symptom protection by accelerating the body's natural response to physical stressors such as alcohol. Because alcohol can deplete vitamins necessary for proper nerve, muscle and cardiovascular function, HPF™ contains supplemental B vitamins, as well. Unlike so-called hangover remedies, HPF™ was clinically proven to be statistically significant at reducing the severity of the alcohol hangover by inhibiting the inflammatory response.

 Another addition to our product line is:  Prepair™, a clinically proven pre-physical activity dietary supplement that enhances athletic endurance and reduces fatigue

As scientific research identifies important new nutrients and health-promoting supplements, it is our intention, here at Nutrimark
, LLC, to add those nutrients to our Nutrimark family of products offering you a line of dietary supplements unequaled in quality and sound nutritional research.

The Nutrimark

All of the products in the Nutrimark
family have been formulated in collaboration with leading experts in the field of nutritional science. When you order from Nutrimark, you can be sure of the highest standards of quality, freshness and potency. No fillers or preservatives are used - only the purest nutritional ingredients gathered from around the world.

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